Professional, affordable video editing throughout Sussex, Surrey and Southeast


Obviously the way that your original footage is filmed is important and no amount of video editing can turn badly filmed footage into a cinematic masterpiece! However, all things being equal, it is video editing that breathes life into your footage. Creative video editing turns a series of often disconnected clips into an engaging and entertaining story. It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of the skill of the editor in this important stage. More than anything it is what makes our video productions so special and differentiates us from the average video.


We have a fresh, distinctive approach to video editing, using a fusion of traditional and contemporary techniques and effects to create a stylish, modern look to your video or film. We can add cinema style titles and closing credits along with a background music soundtrack. The finished edit is only limited by your imagination and possibly budget!

We offer a full range of services and options including colour grading, audio enhancement and corrections, After Effects animations, Red Giant Magic Bullet colour effects, DVD Authoring plus a range of advanced filters and effects to bring a contemporary look to your footage.

The finished edit can be delivered in a format of your choice including DVD, Blu-ray, H264 for the Internet and YouTube. We also offer case and disk design.


Without knowing what the source material is about and how much editing is needed or required it is difficult to give any firm prices. Indeed, some of the more complex edits involving a range of filters and effects can often take several hours to produce a few minutes of edited footage. On the other hand a traditional edit of say a theatre play may require very little actual editing beyond basic adjustments and can therefore be completed in a relatively short time. Give us a call to discuss your project